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There is no knot that cannot be undone

Healing gemstone bracelets made to help untie the knots in your life.

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Everyone Has A Story

I always say “everyone has a story” Divine Intervention has played a big part in mine. It was around Mother's Day, 2019 when one of my four beautiful boys broke his stretch bracelet. I did what any Mom would do; promised to fix it! We ordered beads and through trial and error, learned how to make bracelets. We made them for his friends at school and all the ladies in our family. One bracelet became 2, then 3, then 10. Our little hobby quickly turned into a business!


How did we choose our name? The Lady Untier of Knots is a devotion to the Blessed Mother, trusting in her ability to untie what we once thought was lost. My hope is that your Lady of Knots bracelets gives you peace and comfort, while helping to untie any knots you have in your life. Wear your bracelet with meaning and purpose. It's a way to share your story with the world and I'm honored to be part of that. Stack your bracelets, and tell your story with pride!

Christin Elisa

Peace & Love,


I can customize bracelets if you have a special idea! I offer FaceTime calls for customization and the cost is dependent upon how much time we spend together discussing your piece. 


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Customer Reviews

I was introduced to The Lady of Knots by a dear friend after admiring one of her many bracelets. I have since bought many of my own that are beautiful and meaningful to me. Christin was wonderful and helped me every step of the way designing what worked for me. Can’t wait to get more because it seems like 14 just isn’t enough!!! 😊

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