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Keep Going

I admittedly dislike going "Live" on social media. It's odd because most of you know and many of you do NOT know that I performed in all the musicals at my Alma Mater, Cardinal O'hara High School. I sang for our school masses and even sang in the Baccalaureate Mass before my senior class. I graduated from Temple University as a theater major, and went on to do a Children's musical theater tour which traveled up and down the east coast. When I wasn't performing on stage, you'd find me riding a bus to NYC to audition for shows from off off Broadway to Broadway. After many attempts and many many bus trips I was finally cast in a Broadway tour as an under study. However as fate would have it, I was engaged to be married and made the choice to settle down and start a life with my husband of 20 years. We went on to start a family and now have 4 pretty amazing boys. It was because of these boys that I ended up where I am today.

I often think about how we subconsciously choose our destiny. What if I went on to pursue my dream of being on Broadway? Would we ever have gotten married? Would I ever have had children? Where would I be at this exact moment?

I loved being on center stage and singing my heart out-I'm an artist through and through. What I didn't know was that I would end up taking my creativity to a different platform and enjoy being behind the scenes so to speak.

I believe that the angels pave the way. They know what and who we will need in our lives so we instinctively follow along. But why would they lead us to places of sadness and loss? Maybe it's because they are either trying to teach us something or put us on a path that leads us further than we are right now. Or maybe they're preparing us to be teachers, mentors, or life coaches to others who may someday need you. The point is-we don't know until we get there. It's called F A I T H

I now understand why I am exactly where I am at this moment.

The decisions you make today will effect your tomorrow. Like, I really wish I never ate that piece of peanut butter pie earlier because it just set me back from fitting into my favorite jeans! Whatever it may be, or whatever is happening in your life -you have to keep going.


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